Looking for a pet-friendly hotel in Guam? You’re in luck because I was as well and being the planner  / puzzle solver that I am I did all the research for you so you don’t need to do it yourself. Just a little background. I live in Guam full-time 😉 Our family has a little Chihuahua named Anastasia. Her apple head is the apple of our eye.

Meet Anastasia

A few days ago a Typhoon passed the island and more often than not the aftermath of a typhoon usually brings a few days and sometimes weeks without power especially if you live in the southern area of Guam. So then began the hunt for a clean family and pet-friendly hotel room to keep the Children cool and get me back online since I work remotely.

It took about 8 hours or so for me to make a decision. Because well I’m just a bit of a ‘get the facts first’ nut. So I thought let me help you make the decision process a bit easier since I’ve already done the work.

Finding a pet-friendly hotel on Guam

When considering a pet-friendly hotel on Guam I had a few prerequisites. There’s gotta be a place for our puppy to roam outside or at least get some fresh air. Especially since we planned on being there for longer than a couple days.

Some extra amenities would be nice but overall the big sale points for me would be the following:

  • affordable and clean
  • pet-friendly with easy access
  • outdoor space with a grassy area for our puppy to roam

Pet-Friendly Hotel Options in Guam

After doing what seemed to be a tireless search on the internet from Trivago, Travelocity, and Priceline I noticed that most of the hotels listed on those sites incorrectly classified the available pet-friendly hotels as “no pets allowed” which was a bit disturbing because at first glance it seemed there was nowhere for us to take little Anastasia. So instead of just relying on the internet I picked up the phone and called hotels on Guam. Below are the results of my calls.

The Westin Resort Guam

There’s an infamous Trip Advisor post which discusses

  • Dogs allowed no cats
  • $100 cleaning and maintenance fee
  • +$20 per day pet fee
  • 1 dog per
  • Specific Floor where guests with pets are housed
  • Outdoor area available

Days Inn Guam

Days Inn Guam is located in Tamuning just a few minutes away from Tumon which houses most of the islands larger hotels. The benefits of staying at Days Inn are that it’s affordable and pet-friendly. They do have an outdoor patio / balcony although I’m not entirely sure how pet-friendly that might be. The nice thing about this hotel is that if you need a few pet accommodations you can call in advance and request them.

One thing I enjoyed about this location is that the entrances to each unit / room are open meaning they are not walled in. For some pet owners who have shy or timid pets how you access the building or room can make all the difference.


  • Affordable
  • Clean
  • Addition Accommodations

The Wyndham Garden Guam

The Wyndham Garden is less than a minute away from Days Inn. It’s located in Tamuning and again just a few minutes from the heart of Tumon. If I’m being honest this hotel does not show so well on the internet and it is a bit older than others. However it’s surprising once you enter.

They have all the basic amenities you’d expect from a hotel on a smaller scale like a restaurant, spa, convenience store, and little pool. However, what I really enjoyed is the setup of the location for pets in particular. There are entrances on the side and back of the property which makes it accessible. However, entrances from the back and sides into the hotel require hotel key access so that’s good and safe.

There’s also a large grassy area beside the pool with a covered outdoor area as well. This place is definitely not the fanciest place on island and the bathrooms need some updating but the rooms are clean, beds are decent, and they have a really nice area to take your pets and children out to play.

The one thing I will say about this place is it’s not only clean but also smells really nice. I’ve been to a few 4 – 5 star hotels on island and some of the rooms smell a bit humid or musty which is not a nice thing. Being a pet-friendly hotel I was worried there might be a bit of a smell but I honestly didn’t experience anything even remotely smelly so that’s a relief ( I’m a pet owner so I know unkind oders are possible).


  • Affordable
  • Clean
  • Easily Accessible Outdoor Area

Guam Hotels that allow service animals with verification

I came across some hotels that do not allow pets in general. However, if you own a service animal or need the assistance of a service animal many of them have said they do allow these types of animals without any additional fee. However, the pets must have documentation or verification. Please see a list of these hotels below.

Hotels allowing service animals

  • Oceanview Hotel & Residences
    • verification required no additional fee
  • The Dusit Thani Guam
    • verification required no additional fee
  • Outrigger Guam Beach Resort
    • verification required no additional fee
  • Guam Plaza Hotel
    • verification required specifically proof from a doctor
      • Service animals for visually impaired or emotional distress (call for more details)
      • no additional fee
  • The Lotte Hotel
    • service animal accommodations available
    • agent unsure of the fee ???
  • The Fiesta Resort Guam
    • verification required no additional fee
  • The Royal Orchid
    • verification required no additional fee
  • Grand Plaza Hotel
    • service animals can be accommodated
  • The Hyatt Regency
    • verification required no additional fee
  • Nikko Hotel Guam
    • verification required no additional fee

Hotels on Guam That Are Not Pet-Friendly

The distinction here is that these hotels while they do not allow pets they also do not allow service animals. Quite frankly I’m a bit surprised these exist but they do. Please note with regard to every hotel listed below when they informed me they do not allow service animals I did ask again explaining that a service animal is an animal that assists disabled person(s). If they confirmed after my explanation I also listed them below.

Leo Palace Resort Guam

Although you might find information online stating that this hotel is pet-friendly I made a call to the hotel and spoke with staff who confirmed they DO NOT accept pets. There may be a bit of confusion here since Leo Palace has condos as well as Hotel Rooms. Access to the condo area does not require entering into a hotel lobby. Consequently, some people may say it is pet friendly because they bring their pets or rent from a condo owner. However, this does not seem to be the hotel’s official policy. If management sends me updated information or a change in policy I’ll be sure to update this post as well.

  • Garden Villa
  • Holiday Resort and Spa Guam
  • Hotel Santa Fe Guam
Additional Notes on Pet Friendly Lodging on Guam

I took the liberty of searching AirBNB properties for the purposes of this post and found 18 properties listed that allow pets on the property. Most notable of course of the Bubble House by the beach. Listing it here primarily because of the bubble house, I mean comon’ that’s cool right.  See the pic below. Please note I have no idea who owns the property.

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