The Cost of Traveling To Guam

When considering traveling to Guam I’m sure the very first question you ask yourself is, Is it expensive to visit Guam? I mean let’s be real unless your rocking a trust fund , won the lottery , or traveling with a corporate credit card how much it costs to travel somewhere is a basic question.

The great thing about this guide is you’ll get the full scope of how much it actually costs to travel and live on Guam (from a local). As I imagine that some travelers may also be considering moving to the island. Guam is my home and I love it here. But truth be told it’s not a cheap wanderlust vacation. However, it’s reasonable considering the tropical location, accessibility, and amenities. The cost of Traveling or living on Guam lands somewhere between the Philippines and Hawaii. I often find this middle ground an ideal price analogy because most people can usually get a good picture from that statement alone. However, I know you didn’t come to read this post for general statements. So let’s dig deeper.

Cost of Airfare to Guam

Cost of Airfare to and from Guam

Depending on where you travel from and the time of the year you are traveling the cost of Airfare to Guam will vary. However, under normal circumstances a Return ticket from North America -> Guam -> North America will run between $1100 USD – $2400 USD. If you plan ahead of time you’re likely to find a deal or two. The lowest I’ve seen so far range between $700 – $800 USD.  Multiple Destinations tickets run upwards of $2000 on average.

We often see travelers from North America, Japan, Korea, and many other Asia – Pacific locations travel to Guam. Traveling from Asian Destinations to Guam is usually very affordable usually between $1000 – $1300 during peak season. However, there are always really great deals to be had in terms of traveling throughout Asia Pacific. If you’re a traveler on a backpacking budget you might want to consider traveling to Guam while you’re in the neighborhood especially if you are visiting other locations like Japan NRT or The Philippines.

Accommodations on Guam

For Visitors or Travelers

When seeking hotel accommodations on Guam the absolute bare minimum runs as low as $60 per night. Please keep in mind these hotels are usually older hotels but still a decent stay. Comparable to clean Motel 6 rooms , no frills , just a clean place to rest your head. Being that this is a tropical paradise price per night at 3 to 5 star hotel or resort range between $150 per night to upwards of $1800 per night. The key point here is that there’s an option for all travelers.

For People Moving To Guam

According to HUD the Fair Market Rent for Guam is as follows

  • Efficiency 692
  • 1 bed 751
  • 2 bed 999
  • 3 bed 1453
  • 4 bed 1760
  • 5 bed 2024
  • 6 bed 2288

Of course that’s life according to HUD. The truth is Guam rental market is a little more complex , because of the large number of military members living on island the cost of rentals often coincides with Military housing allowances, especially for upgraded units. A recently updated or new construction home with 4 bedrooms usually runs between $2400 – $4500 per month.

Another example in terms of location is a 1 bedroom condo in the tourist district or Tumon area with a nice ocean view may run upwards of $1500 per month that’s a conservative measurement. You can definitely find a moderately priced home or condo for rent in Guam. You’ll just have to shop around a bit and look at different locations around the island.

Comparative Cost of Living

Oftentimes it’s really helpful to understand how much things cost in comparison to another location. After some research I realized that there is very limited reporting for the Cost of Living on this tiny island which makes sense 😛 However, since I live here you’re getting the real scoop right, so hooray for you I’m glad found this!

On a comparative level Guam’s cost of living is similar to the following locations:

  • Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Nashville, Tennessee
  • Perth, Australia
  • Rotterdam Netherlands
  • Munich Germany
  • Hamburg Germany
  • Hartford, Connecticut

Some other common tests used to access cost of living include:

  • A fast-food hamburger meal on Guam costs around $7
  • The cost of a gallon of gas will run upwards of $3.00
  • The cost of food due to import costs runs around 30% higher than most U.S. locations
    • If you have access to the U.S. military bases these figures drastically differ

For a single person living on Guam per month you can expect to spend about $2,000 USD on the lower end with a family you should expect to spend $3,500 on the lower end of the spectrum. When traveling plan for a basic budget of about $3000 for a couple $4000 for a family on the lower end. This takes into account aspects like food, entertainment, adventures, etc.

Overall Travel Cost Considerations

Although it’s not cheap to live or travel to Guam the adventure definitely falls in a reasonable price range for people or families looking for a bit of tropical adventure. The major pros for visiting Guam is experiencing the benefits of the western world while still having the unique island experience including water sports, cultural activities, and exploring a beautiful landscape in the Pacific.

How to Spend Less When Traveling to Guam But Still Have an Awesome Experience

Budget friendly travel tips when visiting Guam

I promised that this wouldn’t be a run of the mil cost of living post. I mean what good would it be if you didn’t get the inside scoop on Guam. So let’s explore this in further detail.

When traveling to Guam for a vacay there are many benefits to staying at the center of Tumon. When I was child we had many staycations in Tumon where we literally parked our car for the weekend a lived like travelers 😛 While it might be a bit more costly to stay in the center of Tumon you’ll save money on transportation costs and likely will not need to rent a car for any lengthy period.

The great thing about staying in Tumon is that everything you need for an awesome vacation is within walking distance. More importantly, if you want to travel to shopping centers or areas outside this district transportation options are widely available. Spending a bit more money on an oceanfront hotel also gives you direct access to some of Guam’s best beaches. More importantly, Hotels like The Outrigger, The Westin, Hotel Nikko all have decent pools and poolside areas for lounging which cuts down on resort or waterpark fee costs.

Book a hotel with at least one good meal included per day in your stay many hotels on Guam like PIC (Pacific Islands Club) include a really good buffet style breakfast. It’s a great way to reduce the cost of your meals per day while still eating really well ‘vacation style eating’ 😛 For your other meals step outside, Tumon has so many restaurants within walking distance. A really good meal might cost you $15 – $25 per person outside of the hotel, if you don’t have a huge appetite it can definitely be much less.

Bring beach gear and essential supplies with you. I know this might seem like a given but you can save a bunch of money just bringing basic gear instead of having to purchase it in the tourist district where the prices are usually a bit higher.

Well that’s it friends 🙂 I hope this information provide value to you. If it does please share it or pin the image below so that others can also benefit from it.

Guam Cost of Living

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