What is EIF Guam?

The Electric Island Festival Began on Guam in 2013. The event was considered Guam’s very first rave. Fast Forward to 2018 EIF has explored locations in Asia Pacific including:

  •  Guam
  • Saipan
  • Manila
  • Cebu

Take a look at EIF’s 2017 After-Movie

The minds behind EIF

The company behind EIF is 6am Group based in Los Angeles. However, aside from giving you a standard business profile I wanted to help you learn more about the people created this pretty fantastic event.

A few days ago I reached out to Jia Wang the working CEO of 6am Group to ask a few questions about The Begginings of EIF and of course what to expect in the future. You’ll love what he has to say and of course I’m incredibly grateful that he took the time to share from such a genuine place.

Ready to learn more about The Electric Island Festival, lets go!

Can you describe how and why EIF was founded?

Myself (Jia) and a collective of Guam people got involved with the Electronic Music scene in San Diego & LA around 2006 while attending college. The music, energy, vibe, and overall ethos of the scene ignited a passion I haven’t had in a long time and once we got involved doing our own parties here while also DJ’ing. It was only a matter of time before the idea of bringing this positive experience back home. A lot of people who don’t understand the music festival scene that a good experience can really elevate your self-esteem, make you feel positive because so much good vibe and love are put into

The idea was inspired by people from Guam actually ranging from the class of 1999 through 2010 who were attending massive festivals such as EDC (when it was still in San Bernardino and LA) which is a good indicator that Guam was ready for this, however, not everyone on the island believed it would work as it took us nearly 2 years to convince local sponsors to support this endeavor and we haven’t looked back since we launched in Summer of 2013.

What is the vision for the company moving forward? ( i.e. Do you intend to expand more locations or regions)

We have already done a series of Road to EIF in Tokyo, Manila, Cebu, Taipei, and even in Saipan where we have now done a main EIF in our neighboring sister island. Our next target is to do Road to EIF in Korea (Seoul & Busan), Music Tourism has always been our over-arching goal as Tourism is Guam’s largest industry that provides positive economic impact so we are trying our best to use our platform to help promote Guam while also bringing this festival concept for the locals to enjoy! Not everyone is fortunate to travel out to these festivals so we do what we can to bring that exact experience home!

Moving forward, we will continue to execute on Road to EIF series on and off-island while also continue our relationship with some of the biggest and most respected DJs in Asia which we have invited them to play at EIF throughout the years. The vision is to continue to unite people through our community platform bringing smiles to people’s faces both locally in Guam and off-island where we do Road to EIF series. We also use our website’s blog section to feature stories that may otherwise be missed my mainstream media outlets which provides local artists, entrepreneurs, and the general community valuable information or feature that may help them push through and keep them on their toes to continue to work hard!

3.What other events are you inspired by?

The world renown Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) in Los Angeles (Year 2010) inspired the idea and really the creation of Electric Island Festival (EIF). This was the one festival that I have ran into hundreds of people from Guam from 2006 through 2010 that eventually gave me the confidence to push this concept back home.

Ultra Music Festival (UMF) have also been a major influence and it’s where we got our “Road to EIF” series from as Ultra does their Road to Ultra series through a much larger scale.

CRSSD Festival which is a bit newer and based in San Diego have also been an inspiration because they resemble what most might call it a “boutique festival” and really has that vibe and appeal.

Asides from festivals, I am constantly finding inspiration from various events that take place in LA (where I currently live) including our own warehouse parties which have been quite successful for the past few years. All of this drives us to continue to push EIF forward in a manner that applies to our vision for Guam and Asia-Pacific.

4.How important is the concept of involving local creatives for these events?

VERY IMPORTANT – we wouldn’t be where we are today without the local creative community, therefore, we use our platform to give back to local creatives showcasing art, music, fashion and more from various local groups and individuals. We always book local talent for every EIF event and will begin showcasing them at better time slots as the local talent pool continues to rise, it’s very exciting to see Guam develop in the creative world. Lots of proper brands and individuals all doing their part to make Guam thrive on the scene.

5.How can locals get involved?

Easy, they can get involved by first experiencing EIF as an attendee to determine if this is their vibe. EIF welcomes everyone but not everyone will like EIF so we want to at least give people a fair chance to decide.

Asides from attending EIF, you can get involved by

  •  Becoming a volunteer during our events (We always need help! Work your way into EIF by volunteering!)
  • Apply for a temporary seasonal position with us
  • Become a KOL/Influencer and help spread the positive vibe
  • Come hang out with us during EIF Week where we do community service, workshops, and more to get everyone involved as EIF week is open to all ages. All participants will get a chance to win free tickets just by showing up.More info on this year’s EIF week can be found here–> https://www.facebook.com/events/2064302663843203/

6. Who came up with the momentum building Idea “Road to EIF”?

In 2013, the first year of EIF we decided to do a teaser at Globe to determine what the buzz would be like if we did an event solely on Electronic Music so with that intent we decided to call our EIF pre-party “Road to EIF” which is our way to brand this event and it just so happened to work to our favor and we haven’t looked back since. As mentioned above, we have taken the Road to EIF series to other neighboring Asia countries to promote Guam, EIF, and Music Tourism.

7. Are you planning for any events in 2019?

Before the year is over we have our annual EIF End of Summer event taking place on Saturday, Aug 25th and our 2nd Annual EIF Winter Wonderland at Pacific-Star Ballroom on Friday, November 30th.

For 2019, we will host Road to EIF Guam, Road to EIF Seoul & Busan (in the works), EIF Saipan, EIF Guam, End of Summer, and Winter Wonderland. All dates will be announced end of this year!

8. Are there any life philosophies you’d like to share with our readers?

There’s quite a few we hold dear at EIF.

1) Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect or in short PLUR which is the universal motto of electronic music culture. Make peace, show love, unite with people, and most importantly respect each other and our community

2) Work-to-Play is another one we often use…..we live in a very entitled world where so many young kids want to just have fun and leisure without ever putting in the work. These are the people who would enter every ticket giveaway but refuse to get a job or find other means to hustle to earn for their ticket. EIF took a lot of hard work for our team to get this to where it is today and without the work we put in there would be no EIF, we aren’t partying during our events we’re working so people can have fun and in return we ask everyone to “earn their fun” because it’s that much better knowing you worked for it rather than getting a ticket handed to.

3) BE YOURSELF – we encourage everyone to just be themselves instead of putting up a front, humans are happiest when they are truly free and being who you really are is one of the most vital steps as you mature over time. EIF has remained a platform where anyone (over the age of 18) can dress up however they want and do whatever they like as long as they are not hurting themselves and others.

We continue to showcase these philosophies in our promotions and aim to utilize our platform to serve as a positive voice for Guam. We believe in you but you need to believe in yourself!

9. Are there any specific people or companies you’d like to mention in terms involvement , acknowledgement, sponsorships, artists, or mentors.

After 6 main EIF shows in Guam with numerous EIF branded events we like to take this time and thank the following groups and individuals for their belief, dedication, and contribution towards EIF throughout the years

1) To the people of Guam who have supported us since day 1 as well as all those who currently support us by attending our events. Without YOU, we wouldn’t exist!

2) To our sponsors, partners, and investors (past and current) for giving us the opportunity to do what we love and be able to share this experience with Guam. Without their support, we wouldn’t have made it this far.

3) To my team members (past and current) for believing in this idea that turned into reality. It has truly been a journey and I wouldn’t change it for the world. A shoutout to all of our media partners, KOLs, and Last but certainly not least, to my family and wife for showing their relentless support especially during some of our darkest times. While EIF aims to portray a positive light, there were a lot of real-life problems we had to face to get to where we are today.

I am really just grateful to be able to use our passion for music to spread positivity to Guam.

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