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Tree Bar Open now

Download the entire menu below Hilton Treebar Menu

Location: Tree Bar, Hilton Road, Tamuning, GuamWebsite: https://www.hiltonguamresort.com/dining-venues/tree-barPhone: (671) 646-1835
Hyatt Regency Guam Open now

Location: Hyatt Regency Guam, Pale San Vitores Road, Tamuning, GuamWebsite: https://guam.regency.hyatt.com/en/hotel/home.htmlPhone: +1 671 647 1234

Jimmy Dee's is a namesake on Guam. This Beach Bar / Restaurant / Entertainment hub has been the

Location: Jimmy Dee's Paradise Beach Resort-Bar, 30, Tamuning, GuamWebsite: https://m.facebook.com/jimmydeesbeachbarPhone: 671) 682-3736

Inarajan Pool is a natural salt water pool located in the village of Inarajan. The pool is

Location: Inarajan Natural Pool, 4, Inarajan, GuamWebsite: nonePhone: none

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Tarza WaterPark Closed now

Tarza WaterPark

Location: Tarza Water Park, Pale San Vitores Road, Tamuning, GuamWebsite: https://www.guamplaza.com/waterpark-adventurePhone: 1 (671) 646-7803
Kitchen Lingo Open now

Kitchen Lingo

Location: Chalan Binadu Rd, Yona, GuamPhone:
VIP House Open now

VIP House

Location: 1000 San Vitores Lane, Tamuning, GuamPhone: (671) 649-3222
Kmart Open now



Kmart on Guam is a big box store similar to many local Walmarts. The Guam Kmart is a super Kmart and also one of the largest Kmarts in the world. This big box stores provides all your essential shopping needs including groceries, fashion & apparel, tech, furniture & appliances, health and beauty supplies, as well as in-store and take-out dining, and a pharmacy on-hand

Location: Kmart, North Marine Drive, Tamuning, GuamWebsite: https://www.kmart.com/stores/guam.htmlPhone: 671-649-9878
Bangkok Cafe Guam Open now

Bangkok Cafe Guam

Location: Bangkok Cafe, Pale San Vitores Road, Tamuning, GuamWebsite: https://www.facebook.com/Bangkok-Cafe-Guam-1489158384731777/Phone: (671) 969-2489
Mosa’s Joint Closes in 2 hour 48 minutes

Mosa's Joint

Location: Mosa's Joint, West Soledad Avenue, Hagåtña, GuamWebsite: https://mosasjointguam.comPhone: (671) 969-2469
Pagat Cave Guam Open now

Pagat Cave Guam

Location: Pagat Point, Yigo, GuamWebsite: https://www.usesguam.com/pagat.htmlPhone: 671-647-0280

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